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Motorized Dog Treadmill for Exercise Anytime Anywhere in Any Weather


Establish a Regular Exercise Routine for your Best Friend. A dog exercise treadmill can give a dog a great workout regardless of weather or environment, allowing owners to maintain a consistent exercise regimen. Dog treadmills provide increased muscle definition, toning, improves vitality, increases life span and can help curb destructive behavior or excess energy often associated with the lack of regular exercise.

Three DogTread Sizes to Fit Your Dog!

Customer Reviews

DogTread Awarded Top Fitness and Weight Loss Product of 2009 By Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

After long hours evaluating many exciting and innovative pet products the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) has awarded the DogTread by PetZen with Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products for 2009.

“With straightforward controls and quiet operation, the DogTread from PetZen is one of our favorite dog treadmills,” reports Ward. For busy people or individuals with physical limitations, a dog treadmill is an excellent alternative to outdoor walking. Read More>

Is Your Pets Health at Risk?

The American Veterinary Medical Association has estimated that nearly 40% of the dogs in the United States are overweight. This common medical condition can lead to a variety of pet health related issues that contribute to a shorter life span including cardiac disease, arthritis, labored breathing, heat and exercise intolerance, respiratory conditions and compromised immune functions.

Most pets benefit from at least 45 minutes of moderate to strenuous daily activity. A regular walk is not always brisk enough or possible. Treadmill training can give a dog a great workout regardless of weather or environment, allowing owners to maintain consistent exercise regimens.

Why a Dog Treadmill?

Dog Treadmills Keeps Pets Healthy - Mentally and Physically

Most pets don’t get the regular exercise they need. The dog treadmill training is a great alternative when you can’t get outdoors. Show dog owners have used treadmill training for years to increase muscle definition, tone and help focus their dog’s energy. It improves pet health, vitality and best of all - it can aid in increasing your dogs lifespan.

Dog-specific Treadmill Design Is Easy To Use

There are many features that the DogTread™ provides that make it more dog friendly than a human treadmill. For instance, the manual console lets you control the intensity and duration of the workouts through speed, distance and time functions at levels that are comfortable for your dog. Side-rails keep your dogs attention focused and forward. Recessed treat-holders make it easy to provide positive reinforcement during the training process. The whisper-quiet motor is not intimidating and the sturdy design does not wobble. Finally, there is no need to worry about hair build up as it is simple to keep clean.

Dog Treadmill Training Guidelines are included with every DogTread™ and additional dog treadmill training tips and support are available on our website to help train your dog on the treadmill. And the portable space-saving design makes it easy to transport and store anywhere.

Dog Treadmill Training Is Fun

The DogTread™ provides great bonding time for pets and their people. Staying watchful and supportive during your pet’s treadmill exercise time ensures that you both are getting the much needed bonding time you both need


Compared to the average cost of medical treatments associated with pet obesity related health problems at $832 per year* or a torn leather sofa because of boredom, the cost of the DogTread is an affordable alternative for any dog owner that cares about the health and well-being of their pet. *Veterinary Pet Insurance, 2006

DogTread™ Sizes Available
PZ1701 – Small
PZ1702 – Medium
PZ1703 - Large


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